The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

If you or someone you love experiences hearing loss, then you are all too familiar with the complications it can bring into your life. The struggle to communicate can make any encounter difficult, strained, and can even induce frustration or anxiety. Although we’re well aware of these problems associated with hearing loss, the benefits of treatment actually extend far beyond simply correcting these problems. In addition to making communication easier and more effective, getting treatment for hearing loss also creates a wide range of other benefits you can enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of these potential benefits for those who get treatment for hearing loss, providing even more reason to schedule your appointment for a hearing test if you haven’t already done so.

Cognitive Benefits

One of the most concerning recent findings about hearing loss is that it is correlated with cognitive decline. Those who have untreated hearing loss demonstrate not only higher rates of dementia and other cognitive impairments but also a faster rate of decline once they are diagnosed with these conditions. Although researchers are continuing to work to understand how this connection works in the brain, most believe that communication ability has something to do with the relationship. The good news is that those who get treatment for hearing loss in the form of hearing aids look no different from those who have full hearing ability when it comes to the likelihood of developing dementia. Reducing your risk of dementia is one of the most powerful benefits of hearing loss treatment.

Mental Health Benefits

Those with untreated hearing loss demonstrate higher rates of mental issues including depression and anxiety. The problem might arise from the intervening connection with social isolation. Those who have hearing loss can become frustrated with their inability to communicate. Rather than seeking treatment, they can decide to avoid social settings altogether. As we know, social connections are essential to our wellbeing, and the feeling of social isolation can lead to serious mental consequences. The good news is that treatment hearing loss can help us re-engage with the social world. Simply by communicating with others in everyday settings or at social gatherings, hearing aids can make it possible to improve mental health, as well. 

Financial Benefits

Remarkably, those who get treatment for hearing loss can even reap some financial rewards. Those who continue to work with untreated hearing loss have lower wages, on average, than their counterparts who do not have hearing loss. The connection hearing loss and poor work performance might not come as much of a surprise. Communication is a crucial element of most occupations, and even those jobs that do not directly require verbal communication often have other elements that necessitate hearing. For instance, those jobs that do not involve customer service tend to require an employee to listen to instructions and act accordingly. That these communication issues actually correlate to a dollar amount might come as more of a surprise. Those who use hearing aids on the job tend to find that they are better able to listen and respond to customers and supervisors, improving workplace performance and even leading to higher wages. 

Wellness Benefits

Beyond these statistically proven benefits of hearing loss treatment, there are other benefits that cannot be quantified. Being able to enjoy the experience of the surrounding environment brings back memories of the past and a richness of sensory experience that has no price tag. Furthermore, the ability to communicate clearly and fluidly with our loved ones can strengthen our connections and remind us that we are supported, cared for, and understood. 

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