Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

At Vital Hearing, our mission is to assist you in enhancing your auditory experiences and improving your quality of life - regardless of the brand of hearing aids you prefer or their point of purchase. Regardless of the origin of your hearing aids, we're delighted to work with you.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon was founded in the early 1900s out of a man’s devotion to help his wife live a life without limitations - despite her hearing loss. The company still operates under this philosophy today - with their “people first promise”.

Oticon is known for their patented BrainHearingtechnology, which has been clinically proven to reduce listening effort in noisy environments.

Oticon Hearing Aids
Phonak logo
Phonak was founded in Zurich in 1947, and has since remained committed to providing innovative solutions to hearing concerns. The company is committed to providing hearing solutions that benefit people both socially and emotionally. Phonak was the first manufacturer to develop the CROS hearing aid which can help those with single-sided deafness.
Phonak Hearing Aids
Resound Logo

ReSound is a Danish company that has roots that reach back to 1943.

ReSound was the first manufacturer to come out with made for iPhone hearing aids. They are currently part of the GN Group, a global audio solutions leader.

Resound Hearing Aids
Signia Logo

Signia was formerly part of Siemens, the large German technology company. The Siemens hearing division was acquired by the private company, Sivantos, and the hearing aids were rebranded by the name of Signia. Signia is becoming well known for their Own Voice Processing technology, which can significantly help those who are bothered by the sound of their own voice while wearing hearing aids.

Signia Hearing Aids
Starkey logo

Starkey is one of the only truly American owned and operated hearing aid device manufacturers in the business. To this day, Starkey hearing technologies still operates out of Minnesota. They are also known for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which donates and fits hearing aids for impoverished people throughout the world.

Starkey Hearing Aids
Unitron logo

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid device manufacturer that was founded in 1964. Unitron is owned by the holding group Sonova, which also owns Phonak. Unitron has a commitment to accessibility, with their affordable line of quality hearing aids.

Unitron Hearing Aids
Widex logo

Widex is a Danish company that was founded in 1956. In 2018, Widex and Sivantos (the owner of Signa) merged, which created the 3rd largest hearing conglomerate in the world.

Widex was the first company to incorporate machine learning into their hearing aids. Using an intuitive smartphone app, users are able to “teach” their hearing aid device their preferences in a given setting.

Widex Hearing Aids
Sonic logo
Sonic Innovations was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are owned by the holding group, William Demont, which also owns Oticon and Bernafon.
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