Patient Testimonials

Robin takes the time

Robin takes the time to listen and address any issue you have! I would and have recommended to her to friends and family. She is the BEST.
- Steve F., Arvada, CO

Robin is professional, patient, kind

Robin is professional, patient, kind, and easy to work with. Going to Vital Hearing was definitely the right decision for me. Not only do I have hearing aids that will improve my quality of life, I have them at a price I can afford.
- Judy T., Lakewood, CO

I have worn hearing aids for well over 25 years

I have worn hearing aids for well over 25 years and have found it extremely difficult to find a hearing aid provider that is competent and not in it to just sell me the latest thing. I have purchased hearing aids from my doctor’s office but found that once I had them it was extremely difficult to get in for adjustments as they were always busy with patients. ln other words, once the sale was made, they didn’t feel it necessary to help me with adjustments, etc.

A couple years ago, I was so excited to find Robin Donnelly as she was so totally different from anyone I had worked with. She genuinely listens to my concerns and tries to find a solution to the problem I’m having with my hearing aids. She explains things in language I can understand.

I am writing this to encourage other hearing-impaired people to try Robin … if you need hearing aids or just have questions about them. She is a competent, ethical, well qualified hearing aid dispenser. Robin does not prescribe one brand of hearing aid just because the profits are better. She genuinely cares about her patients and works closely to determine which brand would be the best fit.

After 25+ years of frustration with hearing aids and the providers, l finally found the “gem” that truly cares!

- T.S Highlands Ranch

Robin, at Vital Hearing, feels more like a good friend

Robin, at Vital Hearing, feels more like a good friend than a typical audiologist. I found her practice earlier this year knowing that the 5-year shelf life of my last pair of hearing devices was nearing their expiration date and I would be needing a new pair sooner rather than later. She is not only extremely professional, educated on all the options for us hearing impaired, but patient, kind, understanding and as accommodating as possible when working with patients with a limited budget. She worked with me tirelessly until I found the perfect pair for me. My new pair of aids are such an improvement over my old pair I’m now shocked I lasted for 5 years with those. I would highly recommend Robin at Vital Hearing for all of your hearing needs, because one’s hearing is indeed a vital piece of our health that shouldn’t be ignored.

- Rebecca T. Morrison, CO

Robin is very interested in helping each person

Robin is very interested in helping each person with their particular needs and wishes when searching for hearing assistance. She is kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and always available. After a couple of less than satisfactory experiences, I was delighted to find exactly what I needed through Robin. I now can hear soft voices, conversation in noisy restaurants, television, and group meetings much better. It’s such a relief to not feel left out any more!

- Pat M. Denver, CO

Here are some examples of improvement since seeing Robin at Vital Hearing

Here are some examples of improvement since seeing Robin at Vital Hearing: In touring with a guide in the Denver Art Museum I was able to hear everything she said; whereas I wouldn’t have bothered to try to listen with my old hearing aid. In groups of people talking I can distinguish the conversation now. When someone in the distance is using a microphone, I can now hear without struggling. Homilies, announcements etc. in churches I can finally hear, and I feel that I’m more than just a physical presence.

- Marge B. Denver, CO

I had hearing aides from another company

I had hearing aides from another company and they did not allow me to hear, I needed to hear. My insurance wanted me to wait another 2 years before getting more hearing aides. I decided to go on my own and found Robin at Vital Hearing and she has been a blessing. I am able to do my job better, because I can hear so much better. Robin is patient and kind. She takes the time to teach me to use the hearing aides to their fullest and I love it. I no longer feel left out or handicapped because of it. She helped me be a part of life again. Thank you Robin

- Donna B. Pine, CO

I made the correct choice by selecting Vital Hearing

“I made the correct choice by selecting Vital Hearing. When I finally admitted it was time to address my hearing problem, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated with selection a provider. Thankfully I selected Robin Donnelly at Vital Hearing. With her guidance, patience and supportive behavior, she found the correct fir for my lifestyle. My new hearing aids are awesome, the experience has been fantastic! I highly recommend Vital Hearing. Hearing aids changed my life for the best!”

- Erlynn S. Denver, CO

Robin is wonderful

Robin is wonderful. This my fourth experience to get a hearing aid I could actually hear with. She went through everything that was out there. She provided me with everything I needed to get started. She made herself available when ever I had a question. I love these hearing aids. Number four has been a success and so was Robin. Thank you Vital Hearing.

- Claudia, L. Golden, CO

I responded to a mailing from Vital Hearing

I responded to a mailing from Vital Hearing with hopes of simply getting more information about the maker of the hearing aides I’ve had for 3 years. My experience with Robin was nothing less than amazing. She began by patiently exploring my hearing history and current status, did a more thorough hearing exam that I’ve experienced elsewhere, clearly explained the devices I own, and shared the future opportunities for me through enhancements. She did not push to “up sell” but focused on enhancing what I already have. She cleaned them, made minor adjustments, suggested some minor changes such as different tips, and now I’m hearing much better than when I walked in to her office. She’s now my go-to provider. Thank you, Robin!!

- Corinne R. Lakewood, CO

Vital Hearing – I am so happy I found Vital Hearing

Vital Hearing – I am so happy I found Vital Hearing. I have a profound hearing loss that has been affecting my relationships and my business life. Recently, I made the decision to improve the quality of life for myself and for those around me. I did a lot of online research about brands and suppliers and visited two large hearing centers for hearing tests and product review. I found myself contacting Robin at Vital Hearing. They were one of the few distributors that offered the brand that I was interested in but as important, they offered a choice of all the top brands for comparison and consideration. Robin did the most comprehensive hearing test and evaluation of my hearing loss. She represented all of the brands equally and provided information about each that helped me make the best decision for my needs. Also, she spent a great deal of time helping me understand the benefits and features that each brand offers. Once I made the brand decision, she provided wear test samples for me to try so that I could evaluate which model was best for my hearing loss and provided the most comfort and features I was looking for. At that point, Robin’s assistance was just beginning. She has spent so much time helping to ensure the best, most comfortable fit possible and worked with me to adjust my new Oticon Hearing Aids to my hearing loss. Not only did I find the best possible hearing aids for me, but Robin has provided the best possible service a customer could ask for. I highly recommend Vital Hearing, and look forward to the continued support going forward with my new found ability to hear. Thank you Robin and thank you Vital Hearing.

- Pat N. Lakewood, CO

I see Robin Donnelly at Vital Hearing for my hearing aid needs

I see Robin Donnelly at Vital Hearing for my hearing aid needs and care. Robin has been amazing since my very first visit with her for my hearing aid consultation. She is very professional and a very sweet person to work with. Robin took the time to make sure I was comfortable with my hearing aid selection and her after care has been amazing as well. I’m located over an hour away from Vital Hearing’s office but Robin’s friendliness and professionalism make the trip worth it! I would recommend anybody needing help with their hearing to Robin and Vital Hearing!

- Victor S. Greeley, CO

Vital Hearing has been extremely helpful

Vital Hearing has been extremely helpful in assisting me in making a GREAT choice in the devices to buy, as well as in helping with the wide range of possible computer settings, making sure that they were set up and working properly and follow-up to be sure that the needed “maintenance” is being done right. All this in a comfortable environment and at a price well below that of larger audiologist’s facilities! Couldn’t ask for any better service and with no “pressure” in the process. Really glad I changed to Vital Hearing as my hearing “restorer”!

- Roger M. Arvada, CO
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